It really doesn’t matter if it’s two days, two months or two hours, events are living entities, whether street or pub shows, held in a conference halls or a subterranean labyrinth.

Because meetings between people are chances for beauty and sensitivity, exuberance and genuineness, finding each other and refreshing one’s soul in a world that is increasingly wrapped in well ironed grey cotton, a world accessed by a badge, not by the eye of the soul.

That is why events can become forms of alternative show, in unconventional spaces that receive the energies of the group and create recall.

Rasnov Fortress- "The real story of Dracula"


A complex two day event, with an entire evening of traveling show in a rented train. Then, the second day, the Rasnov Fortress transformed in a medieval theatre stage, with live music (Romanian old music band “3 Parale”). A two day happening with a group of 300 Norwegian tourists that left home with something more than Dracula’s shadow hovering over the Carpathians.

The Green Day


The Green Day… or the very sensitive eco-men… sensitive to recycling! Two months of pantomime in all corners of the country.

Private Party - "The Medieval Fair"